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A distal cap that facilitates endoscopic therapy. The cap helps maintain adequate depth of the field of vision of the endoscope, gently stretch the folds inside the colon and improve visibility during colonoscopy screening procedures.


endoscopy with

“Adenoma detection rate should be used as a measure of adequate inspection at screening or diagnostic colonoscopy in patients aged 50 years or more” 1

“Adenoma detection rate, derived from screening examinations,
is recommended as a measure of the quality of colonoscopic examination” 2

The gradually diminished width
of the arms profile makes them more flexibile and prevents damage to the membrane

Short Cap for improved
Polyp Detection 3

Cap helps in deflecting and flattening the mucosal folds and prevents
red-out 4

The double arm maintains Detecto in an open position during extraction and helps gently follow the anatomy of the lumen

Soft medical silicone for maximum efficiency without damage

Small profile to guarantee minimal increase in thickness

Upper lock to limit interference of the arms in the camera’s field of vision

“ADR is the most important measure of the quality of
colonoscopy performance”5

Detecto is designed also to facilitate the progress of the instrument through the gastrointestinal tract and to stabilise the tip of the instrument inside the colon to offer more stable vision.

The overall miss rate for adenomas is 24%:
27% for adenomas < or = 5mm, 13% for adenomas 6-9 mm,
and 6% for adenomas > or = 1 cm 6

ADR has been inversely associated with the risk of interval CRC7 and CRC death 2

<5 mm

6-9 mm

≥1 cm

“The calculated adenoma miss rate in tandem colonoscopies has brought attention as a marker of error during endoscopic surveillance and diagnosis, with mean reported rates of 27% with conventional colonoscopy” 8
“Discovering more adenomas per exam may modify the classification of a patient’s risk of metachronous lesions” 9

Take your AI
to the next level

Detecto works in synergy with Artificial Intelligence, extending the exposed surface of the intestinal membrane and optimising the detection of micro lesions found by the camera during the endoscopy.

“The combination of CADe and Mucosa-Exposure Device during colonoscopy increases adenoma detection rate and adenomas detected per colonoscopy” 10

The future approach
to colorectal cancer

Examples of standard colonoscopy compared
with colonoscopy performed using the Detecto distal cap.

without Detecto

with Detecto

without Detecto

with Detecto

Distal Cap Information

Commercial name






Endoscope diameter

12,5 – 13,5 mm


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